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How to Train Your Mind and Body to Be at Your Best!

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In July 2023, the prescription drug Leqembi received FDA approval for use in patients with amyloid plaques as a treatment for the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease, showing some promise in delaying progression of dementia.  No cure or reversal of age-associated dementia has yet been found.  After decades of research, no specific superfood, no video game, no medical device nor procedure has been scientifically validated by reproducible results to reverse, delay, or prevent cognitive decline or dementia.

In that case, what do we do?

Research has revealed a number of lifestyle factors that can delay by years 

the onset or the progression of illness.  Every year gained blesses us with more time to continue to enjoy one another, to be alert and learn new activities, and to savor life. These key factors include:

Physical exercise, particularly exercise that involves active attention to how we move. 
Stress reduction
Social interaction
Good nutrition and drinking enough water
Identifying strengths and creating purpose,
adding meaning to our days.

Joel, The Active Living Fitness Coach,
Provides Safe and Gentle Stimulating Activities for Clients Facing Mild to Moderate Cognitive Impairment Due to Age-Associated Factors and Disease

As a Certified Medical Fitness Specialist, I work together with my clients and their families to develop custom programs that can include physical exercise, balance training, meditation, bilateral stimulation, guided meditation, and hypnosis for deep relaxation.

Safe Physical Exercise with Caring Patience
Clients experience moments of profound relaxation and stress relief through guided hypnosis and meditation, soothing language tailored to accommodate and address any difficulties with language that a client faces.
Bilateral stimulation, e.g. processing information coming from either side of the body, is facilitated by lights, vibrations, and music- no EMDR or challenging instructions required!

Three Integrated Approaches to Dementia Intervention

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Train the Body,
Sharpen the Mind,
Enliven the Spirit 

Exercise the ALFC way, where you think, react, and move- 

for a fun "neurobic" workout that's invigorating and uplifting to the mind, body, and spirit! 

Active Living Fitness Coach Medical Fitness Specialist; Cognition Balance Strength

Build Solution Focused Perspectives and Positivity

Work with a patient, gentle, and resourceful coach who incorporates your input to develop activities focused on helping you to feel better and think more clearly!

Access Inner Resources

Identify your Strengths and improve your abilities beyond perceived limits, and surpass what you might have thought possible for you!

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